Cape Royale Golf

Cape Royale LGA

 LGA Officers

President- Charline Smith

Vice President-Joan Kraus

Secretary- Cindy Burch

Treasurer-- Marty Davis

Tourn Chair-Mary Miller

LGA Weekly Play-Day Results

Monday October 29th

Today we had 7 players. Because of wet conditions and cart path only, we played a scramble.

1st Place: Jenny Oliver, Debbie Laird, Judy Mitchell and Mary Miller. score 76

2nd place: Abbey Lemke, Bea Glassco and Nita Incerta. score 77

Closet to the Pin: Jenny Oliver Hole #8


LGA Hole-in-One Club

Pat Stephenson
 March 3, 1996-#13
  June 7,2015--#8

Annie Kellen

 May 25, 2001#4

Fluffy Hatfield

  March 21,2002#4

 June 1, 2004#17

Mary Miller

September16, 2002-#17

May 2, 2014- #8

Billie Brackin

 March 4, 2004-#4

July 4, 2012-

Judy Mitchell

May 6, 2011--#4

Bea Glassco

September 2, 2007# 13

 October 10, 2010-#13

Kay Briscoe

June9, 2012-#4

Nita Incerta

March 17,2008-#4

Jenny Oliver

April 3,2017--#4
Major Tournaments

 CRLGA 2018 Club Championship

Round 1 Monday, Sept. 10th followed by round 2 on Monday Sept. 17th due to weather.

A Flight:

Jenny Oliver is the CRLGA club champion with a 2 day score of 191.

Debbie Laird got Low Net with a score of 140

B Flight:

Judy Mitchell Low Gross: 217

Nita Incerta Low Net: 148

Congratulations to you all.


9 Hole Par Three Tournament

The CRLGA hosted their annual par 3 tournament , prior to the Terry Vaughan Classic on Friday, September 21st. The results are as follows:

1st Place: Judy Mitchell and Joel McDowell- 52

2nd Place: Charlie Smith and Eddy Ellis- 54

3rd Place: Mary and Paul Miller-55

4th Place: Steve Free and Russell Elfstrom-58 on a score card playoff with Cindy and Joe Burch

Closest to the pin:
    Women-Cindy Burch
      Men-Eddy Ellis

D.A.L.: Jack Welker and Norm Matticks-69


Club Champions

2000-Cheryl Wright

2001-Cheryl Wright

2002-Billie Brackin

2003-Billie Brackin

2004-Billie Brackin

2005-Billie Brackin

2006-Claudia Willis

2007-Claudia Willis

2008-Billie Brackin

2009-Billie Brackin

2010-Billie Brackin

2011-Bea Glassco

2012-Billie Brackin

2013-Billie Brackin

2014-Billie Brackin

2015-Billie Brackin

2016-Debbie Laird

2017-Jenny Oliver

2018-Jenny Oliver

Yearend LGA Events-2018

We had a Christmas party and exchanged gifts. We also gave out "Low Net for the year" awards.
A Flight Low Net: Abbey Lemke - 70.3

B Flight Low Net: Mary Miller and Marty Davis - both had 74.2

Congrats to all


*Our play day is every Monday.  If a holiday falls on a Monday our play day will be Tuesday.

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